Sourcing Service

Ship Products Worldwide from China


1. Product or Supplier Sourcing

A. Sourcing Study

  • Conduct study, based upon your sourcing requirements.
  • Finishing quality Study
  • Product Range Study
  • Material Quality Study
  • Price Range Study
  • Product Certifications Research
  • Delivery Time Study

B. Supplier Prospection

  • Analysis of your project and requirements.
  • Search for suppliers through all our networks.
  • Selection based on the suppliers prices.
  • Gathering of all the suppliers documents.

  • Check up of the legal registration
  • Verification of certifications
  • Review of the suppliers’ online reputation
  • Full PDF report with all details and documents

A. Sample Orders

  • Review the products requirements
  • Sample orders from factories
  • Control of the quality in our office
  • Full PDF report
  • Delivery of samples to clients

B. Prototyping

  • Analysis of your project
  • Set up with the selected factories
  • Development of a testing plan
  • Assembly of prototypes in the factory or in our office
  • Tests
  • Full PDF report
  • Delivery of prototypes to clients

C. Laboratory Tests (On Demand)

  • Sample pick up at the factory
  • Review of the products and tests to perform
  • Validation of the requirements with the selected laboratory
  • Verification of the laboratory’s sample reports
  • Delivery of the final report to clients

A Pre-production inspection is carried out when the manufacturer has received all the raw materials and components for your product but has not passed them on the production line yet. This is a great way to ensure that the supplier is using the components or raw materials that were agreed, as changing components over orders due to different reasons (to cut costs, unavailability of components, etc.) is by far the single biggest QC issue that we see.

By the time these components have been assembled into a finished product, it can be too late or expensive to change them. Therefore, a pre-production inspection helps avoid the risk.

Steps Involved

  • An inspector from FR International will visit the factory (or supplier’s warehouse) and physically inspect the goods, once all the raw materials have been received and before they have been passed on the production line .
  • After the client provides us with the QC Checklist, listing key components/parts and/or samples, then we send our highly trained quality control inspectors to ensure that the goods conform to the standards set by the client.
  • We then provide clients with a full report in PDF Format with the inspection results.

This inspection is useful when you want to check some samples when the first batch of goods have come out of the production line. It allows you to detect quality issues early so they can be fixed before those goods are packed and corrective action can be taken on goods that have not yet been put on the production line.

Steps Involved

  • An inspector from FR INTERNATIONAL will visit the factory (or supplier’s warehouse) and physically inspect the goods just after the first batch of goods have come out of the production line.
  • After the client provides us with the QC Checklist listing key components/parts and/or samples, we send our highly trained quality control inspectors who ensures that the goods conform to the standards set by the client. c
  • We then provide our clients with a full report in PDF Format with the inspection results

We provide warehouse storage and combine multiple orders from different sellers to ship as one parcel. We also repack orders without any additional charge, while removing unnecessary boxes and packaging to minimize parcel’s volumetric weight.

"Goods consolidation can help you save up to 70%, rather than shipping orders individually for each supplier to your designated address overseas."

What we do ?

  • We collect your goods from different suppliers in China, check and stock them until you decide to have them shipped. Then, we combine all your orders in one package, and once ready, ship it to you.
  • Our quality assurance team shall screen each product to ensure it is in good condition, and it conforms to your specifications. As per request, our team will send goods that arrives in the mentioned address.
Customize product in China

Quality Assessment

1. Supplier Assessment

A. Quick Checkup

This service allows you to get a quick report without much preparation. An agent from FR International verifies that the Chinese company is legally registered by checking:

  • Business Registration Information
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Export Licence

B. Full Checkup

We make sure that your supplier has a legitimate business. We go much deeper than a simple Quick Check Up.

Steps Involved

  • Draw a factory profile
  • Check the supplier business licence
  • Check that they are a manufacturer or a trading company
  • Retrieve business related data (customer references, how many years producing, quantity produced last year, quantity exported last year)
  • Check the on-line reputation (in Chinese and English)
  • Check the consistency of information displayed in different places
  • Report on the supplier’s: attitude, transparency, industry & technological knowledge
  • Check certifications (e.g. confirm they hold ISO 9001:2015)
  • Check if supplier match with prerequisites defined by client
  • Review their capability according to your project requirements

C. Factory Audit

i. Legal Information

On site, our inspector checks the legal information:

  • Business License Certificate
  • China Tax ID
  • Export License

ii. Business Profile

We check information regarding the business activity of the company. The details includes

  • Annual Turnover
  • Major Customers
  • Employees per Department
  • Operating Hours and Shifts
  • Production Average Lead Time
  • Production Process Steps

iii. HD Pictures and Videos

On site, our inspector takes pictures and videos of :

  • The outside environment.
  • Documents presented by the factory (business license, tax certificates, export license, name cards, organisation charts, trading contracts, etc.).
  • Factory locations and departments (sales, management, factory production lines, warehouse, showroom, QC room, raw material storage).
  • All the machines used at every production step.
  • We can also provide videos of different factory locations including office, production lines, warehouse, showroom and raw materials storage.

iv. Factory Quality Process

We look at the quality processes setup by the factory. It includes :

  • Requirements to factory suppliers
  • Factory QC staff
  • Internal procedures
  • Raw materials traceability

A. Product Inspection

i. Quantities

On site, our inspector checks that the factory prepared the agreed upon products and quantities.The assessments includes following:

  • Total quantity ordered/produced
  • Quantity of products packed
  • Quantity of products not packed
  • Quantity of cartons packed
  • Quantity of cartons not packed

ii. Workmanship and Appearance Defects

We randomly choose a number of products (set by the AQL standard) and search for visible defects. We arrange these defects in 3 categories (critical, major or minor) and the number of defects in each category will tell you whether you should accept or refuse your order.

iii. Measurements and Tests

We check that the products’ sizes match those from your purchase order. According to the type of product, we will check its electrical power, its functions, its packaging strength, and anything specific to your product.

iv. Product Specifications

We check that all the specifications from your purchasing order match those of the manufactured products. We test the functions, the electric power and plug, the colours and the material.

v. Markings and Labels

We check that all markings, printing and label match those specified from your purchase order.

vi. Packing

We check that the packing from the factory matches your purchase order. Especially if you ordered flat packing or Mail Order Packing (MOP).

vii. Customs Checkpoints

If you have specific needs and checkpoints, just let us know during the inspection preparation and we’ll easily add them into our process so that you get the inspection you need.

viii. High Quality Pictures and Videos

We provide HD pictures of the products and of all the defects. We also include videos of different locations in the factory.

B. Pack and Load Supervision

i. Quantities

We make sure the quantities that are being loaded onto the container match the quantities of your purchase order. We check the total quantity and quantities for each specification (colour, material, model, etc.).

ii. Container

Our inspector makes sure the container is in good conditions to carry your goods. We record the container and seal numbers. We take photos of the loading procedure and of any issue of the container.

iii. Product Specifications

We randomly check a few cartons to make sure the product appearance match your purchase order (size, colour, etc.). We also look at the shipping marks printed on the cartons.

C. LAB. Test Management

i. Action

We coordinate all the steps between the laboratory, the factory and you. We make sure that the lab understands the purpose of your request, we check the test reports and certificates for the right information (company, SKU, etc.).

ii. Result

The result of lab test management includes updates during the certification process. We will advice you regarding the latest norms and get you the right certificates from the laboratory.